The Parve Baker’s Bookshelf

These are the books that I’ve written about and cite in some of my recipes. You might like to have them on your bookshelf, too. When you buy cookbooks as gifts or for yourself at great discounts from Jessica’s Biscuit, 10% of all sales that originate here come back to The Parve Baker. I donate 100% of these funds to highly effective, non-profit organizations that increase food security.

A Blessing Of Bread The Greyston Bakery Cookbook The New Jewish Holiday Cookbook The New Moosewood Cookbook

Professional Baking Tate's Bake Shop Cookbook Classic Italian Jewish Cooking Eggs

The Bon Appetit Cookbook Olive Trees and Honey The Settlement Cook BookProduct Details

ALSO: Cooking with Fruit by Rolce Redard Payne and Dorrit Speyer Senior

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