May my discourse come down as the rain,
My speech distill as the dew,
Like showers on young growth,
Like droplets on the grass.

- Deuteronomy 32:2

Moses delivers his final farewell as a lengthy poem. He begins with a petitionary prayer in which he asks for Divine help so that his words will be absorbed like life-sustaining rain in the fields and dew in the grasslands. Moses’ message has not changed, but he has exhausted all other strategies and is out of time. In that regard, he is not so different from many of us when we turn to God for help.

Job echoes Moses’ prayer when he laments: My words were as drops [of dew] among them. They waited for me as rain, their mouths wide open (Job 29:22-23). We are not prophets. Few, if any, of us are truly blameless and upright (Job 1:1) either. Still, we harbor a deep wish to be heard, for our words to make a difference.

Let Moses’ prayer be our prayer, the petition of bloggers and all who use words to repair brokenness in the world, now and in the future that we may not share Job’s lament.

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